Clara Gurjão – Quando o galo cantou (Clipe Oficial)

Subscribe to the channel at and stay updated with the latest content. Follow on Facebook:, keep up with the latest posts on Instagram: @claragurjao, and explore more on the official website: Enjoy the official music video “Quando o galo cantou” by Clara Gurjão, a mesmerizing collaboration with Caetano Veloso and Caíque Nogueira. The video is crafted by Marcelo Perdido with direction of photography by Bruno Graziano, complemented by professional makeup services.

The photo captures an intimate moment between two individuals, their silhouettes softly illuminated against a hazy backdrop, with their foreheads nearly touching in a gesture of closeness and affection. The mood is serene and contemplative, suggesting a deep connection shared in a tranquil setting.

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