The People’s Court – Saturday Night Live

Join the SaturdayNightLive channel by following the link: Explore more from SEASON 12 here: Enjoy a collection of TV Show Parodies:, and watch courtroom skits:, where Satan faces trial. Originally broadcast on 11/08/86. For more SNL content, subscribe via this link:, and visit for full episodes and more.

The image portrays a character dressed as a stereotypical version of Satan, complete with a red cloak and matching horns. A foggy or smoky background is present around the character, who appears to be standing in front of a set piece marked “PBC CO.” The character looks directly at the camera, conveying a dramatic or humorous expression. The “SNL” logo is prominently displayed in the bottom right, indicating that this is a still from a sketch from the Saturday Night Live television show.

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