O Caso Haroldo Westendorff – Programa do Ratinho – 1998 SBT

Haroldo Westendorff, a business entrepreneur from Rio Grande do Sul and a single-engine airplane pilot, embarked on a leisurely flight from the Pelotas airport. At 10:15 am, while flying over Saragonha Island in the Lagoa dos Patos, roughly 15 kilometers from the airport, Westendorff was suddenly confronted with a massive unidentified flying object. The encounter was profoundly shocking.

The person in view appears to be a man with a thick mustache, and he’s wearing a dark shirt with a patterned necktie. The man’s facial expression suggests intensity or passion, and he seems to be in the midst of speaking or making a point. The background includes blurry horizontal lines in shades of blue, white, red, and black, indicative of motion or a low-resolution digital effect.

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