Hidden Place

“Hidden Place” by Bjork is featured on the album Vespertine and is available on YouTube courtesy of Rhino/Elektra. The 2001 release was produced by Bjork herself, with Vince Mendoza contributing orchestral arrangements. The songwriting credits also include Bjork alongside Guys Sigsworth and Mark Bell. The record was produced for Elektra Entertainment in the United States, with WEA International Inc. handling the release for Canada. This track, like many others, has been distributed on the platform by YouTube’s auto-generated content system.

In a striking black and white photograph, an individual is captured in a moment of apparent bliss or release. The person’s eyes are closed, their head tilted back with hands gently touching their face, possibly conveying a sense of ecstasy or deep emotion. They are adorned with an elegant, ornate embellishment that drapes over the head and shoulders, adding a touch of sophistication and mystery to the image’s serene yet evocative tone. The patterned backdrop adds a textured contrast to the smooth lines of the figure’s profile.

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