Recruiting Animal Show – May 31, 2023

The lineup for our inaugural Google Meet session included Rich Rosen, Ernie Moreno, and Thomas Alascio. Special thanks to Tom for the great idea of using Google Meet. Unfortunately, it appears that Google Meet doesn’t offer the option to record the group view we had.

The collage shows a group of six images featuring three individuals in various expressions and accessories. The top left image presents a person wearing sunglasses and a fur hat. In the top middle, another individual appears smiling wearing glasses. The top right shows a smiling person in what looks like a black-and-white filter. The bottom three images are of two individuals in different poses and expressions, one wearing a headset and another wearing glasses, with the center and right images exhibiting what appears to be the same person in different emotional states. The overall layout and the expressions convey a sense of camaraderie and fun during an online interaction.

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