D.R.A.M.: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

The allure of a comeback narrative is undeniable; audiences relish the opportunity to observe their cherished protagonists overcome adversity, rallying behind them as they make a victorious resurgence. Such is the arc unfurling for Shelly Massenburg-Smith, known professionally as D.R.A.M., a saga replete with tenacity and indomitable will. The man in the photograph exudes pure joy, his eyes closed with a bright smile plastered across his face as he throws his head back in delight. He wears a bright blue knit hat atop his long dreadlocks and is dressed in a tan coat over a festive green shirt with a noteworthy pattern. Behind him, a room filled with records and a clock on the wall suggests a cozy setting, hinting at an informal, intimate performance. His arms are raised mid-motion, capturing a moment of exuberance and unadulterated emotion, as if he’s in the middle of a soulful performance or a hearty laugh.

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